(Driver Certificate of Professional Competence)

Since September 2009, Driver CPC was introduced.
Most of you will have grandfather rights.
You have until 2014 to obtain the Driver CPC card.


Why wait till 2014 when the rush will happen and every LGV licence holder will require the Driver CPC because they have left it until the last minute.

You need to complete 35 hours training in total, this can be achieved in blocks of 7 hours up to 2014.

We anticipate that the rush will happen for all those companies who will ignore this until the very last minute, then not be able to get their employees through in time as there are only a certain amount of centres for Driver CPC plus leaving it till the last minute means you have lost that member of staff for the whole week as opposed to spreading downtime over this period.

It is not mandatory that the employer pays, it can be an agreement made with you and the employee in various ways of sharing costs: you pay half, the employee pays half or the employee pays for it all and each year the employee stays with you, you reimburse him - the choice is yours.

 We strongly recommend you start your Driver CPC training now and not get tied up in the rush which is bound to happen in 2014.


If you have any questions regarding training, or are interested in signing up, please call the RRRA's Training Coordinator on 01205 353000. 
Road Rescue Recovery Association. Venture House, Enterprise Way, Endeavour Park, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 7TW